Wise men say that flowers and chocolate are the two things that always must be present in every woman’s life. And the more the merrier!

Hello! I am Olena, and I do know how to combine the beautiful and the tasty. It started a while ago back in Ukraine, where I am from… I must confess: I love creating things. One day I was just playing with candy wrappers, and somehow turned it into a very beautiful flower. At first, I felt surprised, but then decided to try and make an unusual bouquet for my daughter on her birthday. I thought that she would definitely love that! So, I purchased some crepe paper, candies, and got to work. And it came out great! The bouquet was beautiful, and it made my daughter happy. After that, I simply could not stop. I dedicated every free moment to the creation of cakes from candies, paper bouquets, flower baskets…

In the beginning, I was just giving away those handcrafted items to friends, without even thinking of turning this hobby into business. But then my friends started asking me to make gifts for their dear ones. At some point it became clear that there were too many requests for one person to handle. That was how I created my first team. Together, we had crafted several hundreds of various gift sets, all by hand, that made happy so many people.

Life is an unpredictable thing, and you never know what is coming next. I moved to the US, and now I am in New York. Although my team stayed in Ukraine, I continue doing what I love. Indeed, it took me a while to find likeminded persons here, but I managed. Everyone in my current team is very talented, and I am lucky to be working with the best people.

Today, our company produces a wide selection of gift sets. There is nothing that we could not do. Our artwork compositions make a great gift for any occasion, and add a festive finish to any event. Our artists put their hearts, minds, and souls into everything they do. Most importantly, all our compositions are unique because they are made by hand. Each item bears its maker’s imprint, and conveys a positive message encouraging people to enjoy life. I think it is very important, especially nowadays, when the majority of things around us are being produced by soulless machines. The fact that now our original articles can bring joy to you and your loved ones makes me very proud of our work.